Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's Going Down?

My weight, that's what . . .
I am been working my butt off, eating better as well as eating less and it is starting to pay off! When I weighed in on March 29th and realized only lost 1.2 lbs that week I was determined to do better this last week and I DID!! I lost 5lbs!
March 13th - 191 lbs. :(
March 22nd - 188lbs.
March 29th - 187lbs
April 5th - 183lbs!!!
This week I am going to stay strong and keep working hard!
My goal is to be 165lbs. by May 17th
(thats when the Slim Down Challenge ends but I plan to continue to work out)!
I'm only 18lbs away!!

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