Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer and Adoption Update

It just hit me today that I have not blogged all summer! You would think that since school is out I would have so much more time on my hands but that was just not the case. I'm still learning how to say "no" to things when I already have so many other things going on. :)

Here is a little recap of my summer . . .
I love going to church camp with the kiddos every summer!

This summer I had to leave camp a little early for a very important interview and GOOD NEWS, I got the job!!! I am going to be a kindergarten teacher this coming school year!

Chris and I went to the Lopez Family Reunion this summer . . .

We also got a take a very fun trip to Kentucky with some of our very best friends for a week of relaxing, four wheeling and hanging out . . .

We had a little date night at the drive-in movie!

This was just a few of the fun things that made up this crazy fun summer. :)

Adoption Update:
At the beginning of June Chris and I got our finger prints done and finally got all the adoption agency paperwork filled out and put it in the mail ...
Not long after the paperwork was mailed we got the 
"All-Clear/Approval" from the agency!!!!! :)

The next step was the home study paperwork and in July we were able to put that in the mail ...
The social worker called and we have set the date for the home study! It's the end of September!!!

We have been very open about our adoption journey and as many of you know we are open to an adoption through the agency as well as a private adoption! I posted this past Saturday evening on the Waiting to Dallas page that we met with a birth mom and her family about a possible private adoption. We want to ask that you all continue to pray. We have not made a final decision yet and we can not give any more details than that but when I have more to tell I will! :) 
As much as we are HOPING and PRAYING that this is baby Dallas we want God's will to be done!

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