Our adoption story

Chris and I have been married for over 7 years and we have always wanted to adopt but we planned on conceiving first. After battling with different fertility issues for the past few years we felt that God was calling us to adoption. We have had the name Dallas picked out for our baby (boy or girl) for over 9 years now and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to hold him or her in our arms. 
When we first set out to adopt we planned on going through an agency, and we haven't ruled that out, but after a lot prayer and talking with other families that have been through the adoption process we were told to do everything we can to get our story out there and begin praying for the a birth mom to possibly contact us. Chris and I are in the process of completing our home study and we have a lawyer that is waiting for our phone call!

We believe God already has our baby picked out; we just haven’t met them yet!
If you happen to know or be an adoption minded mom or dad please take the time to read this letter, it is written specifically to YOU!
Dear Birth Mom and Dad,
     I want to begin by letting you know that from the moment Chris and I made the decision to be adoptive parents, you & your baby have been in our thoughts and prayers daily.
     I have had the desire to be a mom for as long as I can remember. I've imagined what it might be like to hold my baby for the first time, and I have prayed, cried, hoped, and even begged God to let me experience that feeling. For reasons that I may never fully understand, that day has not come, yet. You allowing us to adopt your baby would be the amazing answer to years of prayer, and you need to know that I will never take the decision you are making for granted. When your baby is placed in my arms for the first time, and it becomes my baby, all of the tears and moments of despair
will fade away, and the pain will have been worth it.
     As much as I want to be a mother, we have another reason for choosing to adopt. Adoption has always been on my heart. It is the desire to be there for a birth mom and dad; to let them know that no matter the reasons that led them to adoption, they too are loved and have been prayed for, and their baby will be loved so much more than they could have possibly imagined. I believe that by choosing to give your baby up for adoption, you are demonstrating one of the biggest acts of selflessness and love.
     My heart and prayer is that you will know God's direction for your life and that He will grant you the peace you need as you make this life changing decision.

Dallas’ Mom and Dad


  1. What a sweet letter!! I do have a question, reading your posts and seeing the email address, it got me to asking why y'all chose the name "Dallas". I love it, and was wondering if there was a specific reason or a story behind it. :) Continuing to pray for y'all in this!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your continued prayers!
      I will be posting a blog soon about our baby name! :)