Thursday, January 15, 2009

Aunt and Uncle to be!

(So if you have stumbled onto our blog. I'll tell you right now
the only reason I have this is so I can leave comments on my friends
blog! I'll, maybe, update it once a year!)
We LOVE being an Aunt and Uncle!
This is my sister(Anna), Chris' sister (Christina) and our beautiful niece Jocelyn . . . . now
Christina has one on the way! (i'm kinda hoping its a boy!)

Also one of my best friends is pregnant with Quadruplets! That's right Heather is having 4 babies! It is 2 girls and 2 boys! We are all so super excited!
Check out her blog to stay updated!
Here are just a few pics of the Quads!
Brody Coleman

Baxlyn Hope

Kylee Mae

Korbin Lee