Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Adoption Update

The totals are in, we raised $400 from the Pajama Fundraiser. Thank you so much to all those who ordered the comfy PJ's!!! :)

Well, if you saw the Waiting for Dallas facebook page a few days ago we shared a prayer request as well as a praise.

More info about our prayer request:

Over the past several months we have been in contact with a local birth mom. We have been hoping that if she did choose adoption that she would pick us to be that lucky couple to adopt her baby. Her due date is quickly approaching but as of right now she has not made any clear decisions which make is very hard to see things going any further. In this current situation as well as the others that we were hoping would work out Chris and I are ONLY praying for God's Will; even if that mean we are meant to just keep waiting. So for now we are going to focus on the agency and if she does come to us within the next few weeks we will see where is goes. Either way the birth mom and her sweet baby are always in our prayers.

More info about our PrAiSe:

The adoption agency that we have chosen is the St. Elizabeth Foundation. For the past few months the awesome ladies there have been extremely helpful. Since the agency is in Louisiana they have worked with us so that we were able to meet all the Texas as well as Louisiana's state requirements for adoption. The only thing we have left to do on our end is to complete our profile book (click on the link to learn more about a profile book). Chris and I have been working with one of very good friends Amy to put our book together and we plan on having it complete by the end of Dec.  Once they receive our profile book they will show it to prospective birth moms and dads so that they can be part of the process of choosing the couple that their child will call mom and dad.

Okay now to the exciting part ...
A few days ago I called the agency to let them know about the profile book and to make sure we had done everything else we needed to do and I was told that we are officially #11 on their waiting list.
When I heard that my heart hit the floor (in a bad way) because the previous agency that we were going to work with only did about 1 adoption a month and in my mind I thought that meant it was going to be another 11 months before we would be #1.

I was honestly holding back tears as I said, " What exactly does that mean?" 

She quickly replied, "Well there is really no way to know an exact time, it just depends on how many birth moms we have come to our agency....(my stomach was in knots as I was trying to calculate just how long that would be then she continues) ... it could honestly be as soon as a month or maybe 3 or 4 months, again it just depends." 

I then quickly asked, "Well what if we get to #1 and you don't have our profile book?"

She replied, "Just get it to us when you can. It will all work out in His timing." 

Those words still ring in my ears. That right there is one of the biggest reasons why we picked this agency. They are amazing, encouraging, honest, and are truly seeking God's will for each birth mom and dad, baby and adoptive parent that is a part of their agency. 

YAY! That's our new excited news! Thank you so much to all that have been praying for Chris, Dallas, and myself. We are hoping that 2015 will be a VERY exciting year for us!

Please take to time to share our story with all your friends and family and be sure to share our You Caring page
Dallas' adoption is going to cost about $30,000.00 and as of today we have raised $15,880.00 which means we only need to $14.120.00 in order to reach our goal. 
You can make a donation directly on our page or you can wait and keep an eye out for our upcoming fundraisers!

Again, thank you so much to all our friends, family, acquaintances and even complete strangers that have been praying for us! 
Keep it up!