Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekend Tour

Last week Chris' band OUTSIDEtheCAMP was invited to replace a band on the Blue Tour with Manic Drive. Of course they said yes and the search began to find a van the would fit all the equipment + 5 guys and possible a merch girl (me). Well, needless to say with only 2 days to find a big van & no money to rent one we moved our sights to a Mini Van (wonderfully donated by my parents) and my car so that we could transport all the stuff and people! When we realized that I would have to drive my car I knew there was no way I would stay awake driving all over Texas so I enlisted the help of a good friend Damaris, she was a life saver!

Our weekend started out Friday at the Door in Plano




Casey "Baggz"

After the show we packed everything up and said our good byes at 12am, we headed to McAllen, Texas!

Casey "Baggz", Justin, Nick(graciously stepped in to play bass for the guys!), Dan, & Chris

Damaris and Me
We drove through the night and arrived in McAllen, Texas around 9:30am. We hung out outside most of the day because the weather was beautiful! The guys worked on teaching Nick the songs since he had never played with them before (he did GREAT by the way)!

Damaris and I decided to take a nap under a tree and the guys picked us some Clementines from a nearby tree!

After a long day of hanging out and napping the guys played an awesome outdoor show!

Once the show was finished and everything was packed up we set out at 12am to our next show in Sherman, Texas, which is 10hrs in the OTHER direction!
On top of being extremely sleep deprived we all where starting the smell a little funky because of the lack of showers so we made pit stop at Chris' grandparents house in Gunter for some MUCH needed cleaning & relaxing!

Finally we all smelled and look clean again! We then hit the road again and made our way to Sherman, where the guys played yet another awesome show!
The weekend was a BLAST! We were all TIRED and glad to be home Sunday night. For most of us, we all had to be up the next morning for work or school, but it was all worth it! I am very proud of the guys and everything they did this weekend!

Check out their music & and see what they are up to, go to their Myspace www.myspace.com/weareoutsidethecamp & follow the on Facebook, just search OUTSIDEtheCAMP!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun Friday!

Over Christmas Break Chris and I went to 2 White Elephant parties and in that process we came home with a Sombrero, which Chris is very proud of!
A few weeks ago we brought the sombrero over to Heather and Bret's to see how the Quads liked the hat.

Baxlyn didnt care and Kylee was scared of it!
(sorry no pictures of the girls)

As for Brody, he liked to look at it!

Korbin on the other hand likes to actually wear it!

Happy Friday Everyone,

Hope you have a great weekend!