Monday, October 21, 2013

Who doesn't love PJ's?

is partnering with

This is your chance to do some Christmas shopping and help us out at the same time! 
It's very simple!!

1. Go to:
2. Pick
any 3 items for $30.00
3. Email me the pattern, size and quantity you would like.
4. Make the check out to BETHANY LOPEZ (add $2.48 for every $30 you spend for tax) 
*I will send you my address when you email the order.
*Payment due when I place the order. I will be placing my first order on Friday, November 2nd but I will also be accepting orders from now until Dec 10th!
40% for everything we make will go help us adopt our first baby!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eat Mor Chikin!

We have been overwhelmed with all the love and support that we have been shown! Chris and I are working on organized different fundraisers and we both love Chick-fil-A so we wanted to the have one there but after doing some research we found out that they changed their policy and now they only do spirit nights/fundraisers for school. One of my awesome co-workers emailed the coordinator our story and she emailed us yesterday and said they were going to make an exception for us!! GOD is GOOD!!

So we are happy to announce:

is partnering with
Tuesday, Oct 29th, 2013
6am-10pm2011 W University Dr. McKinney

Tell them you are there supporting the Lopez Family Benefit and a percentage of you order will go to helping us as we prepare to adopt our first baby!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mmmm ... Chili's

We hope to see you ALL at . . . 

Monday, Oct 28th, 2013

3601 N. Central Expy Plano, Tx 

Print out the flyer at the bottom or contact me for a copy. 
If you present the flyer to your waiter/waitress a percentage of your check will be donated to

Spread the word!

Remember we ONLY get a percentage if you present this flyer!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Little Encouragement

I can't remember where or when I read this but I saved it to my phone and I have read over it many times and it still amazes me how God works through people that we as humans would not expect to be able accomplish anything great because of their pasts or their hang ups.

"I'm not perfect. I have all kinds of problems. I have no ability. I have no gifts. I'm just not worthy. 

Why would God want me?

Well, did you know that:
Moses stuttered.
David's armor didn't fit.
Timothy had ulcers.
Hosea's wife was a prostitute.
Jacob was a liar.
David had an affair.
Solomon was too rich.
Jesus was too poor.
Abraham was too old.
David was too young.
Peter was afraid of death.
Lazarus was dead.
John was self-righteous.
Naomi was a widow.
Moses was a murderer.
Jonah ran from God's will.
Gideon and Thomas both doubted.
Jeremiah was depressed and suicidal.
John the Baptist was a loudmouth.
Martha was a worry-wart.
Noah was a drunk.
Did I mention that Moses had a short fuse? So did Peter, Paul - well, lots of folks did."

So to answer the question: Why would God want me?
God wants you because he LOVES you no matter what you have done or will ever do and if you are willing (notice, no where does it says you have perfect, just willing) God can and will use you to do some pretty amazing thing!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Waiting for Dallas

For those of you that know Chris and I personally you know that we have had our first baby's name picked out for over 8 years now but for those of you that aren't aware we will be naming our baby (boy or girl):
That is how I came up with the name for our Adoption Fundraiser, Waiting for Dallas!
With that being said the adoption process is not an easy road and it requires a lot of resources so we are asking for your help!
Our adoption is going to cost about $30.000; here is how some of that is divided up:
Orientation fee
Home study fee
Agency application and program fee
Attorney fees
Document preparation and authentication
Other expenses

Please take the time to pray about what you can do to help.
You can make a donation on the link on the side of the blog or by clicking on our baby name at the top!
PLEASE spread the word!
Thank you in advance for the prayers, love and support!
Dallas’ Mom and Dad
Bethany and Christopher Lopez