Monday, March 31, 2014

Why Dallas Scott?

I can not remember when it was that I actually decided I wanted my first baby to be named Dallas but I know it was before Chris and I had even met. I always thought it was unique name but at the same time it's easy to spell and pronounce which is often not the case when it comes to unique names (believe me, I've seen my fair share of unique names after teaching for almost 7 years).
After dating for a little while the topic of baby names came up and Chris and I quickly found out that we both had the name Dallas picked out! Different reasons, same name!! :)
Chris loves to read and one of his favorite books is The Outsiders which made into a movie in 1983 and one of his favorite characters from they book, played by Matt Dillon in the movie, was names Dallas aka Dally. 

When we started thinking about a middle name to go with Dallas we both agreed that we wanted it to be Scott pretty quickly. Scott is one of Chris' uncles on his mom's side. He was like a big brother to Chris growing up and they are still very close today. They both share the love of singing and playing guitar and Chris has always looked up to him and valued his advice and admired his accomplishments. 

So there you have it, Dallas Scott will be our sweet baby's name and we are patiently waiting for the day when we get to hold, snuggle and love on him/her! 

Updated total: $8,487.00
Only $11,513.00 to go

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I love roller coasters!

I love the feeling of slight panic as the coaster click-click-clicks up the ramp and the butterflies in my stomach as I hold tighter and tighter to the handles/lap bar/anything I can get my hands on as we roll over the first drop. I don't even mind the feeling of almost blacking out as the coaster corkscrews down but I have to say I'm on a roller coaster that blows all of the panic, butterflies, blacking out from good ol' Six Flags out of the water!

It's called adoption and it's the craziest 
emotional roller coaster I've ever been on! 

After asking for prayer yesterday on our Waiting for Dallas facebook page a sweet facebook friend, who is an adoptive parent x7, posted this on my personal page ....

along with some pretty great advice:
"'s okay to be on that roller coaster, just remain seated and keep your eyes up!" 

Now that I'm on this roller coaster I won't be getting off 
"until the ride comes to a complete stop" 

~Please keep those prayers coming!~

Friday, March 7, 2014

More ways to help ...

We are getting closer to our goal but since we are still a little under $13,000 short we have a few more fundraisers coming your way!

1. The one and only Amy Horton of Amy Horton Photography took this photo in California last month and is taking orders for the print on wood!
Size: 8x10
Cost: $100.00
*$25.00 of every order will go to the Waiting for Dallas adoption fund!
Please email me if you are interested and I can give you Amy's contact info.

2. Mrs. Lacey Vaughn is an Certified Consultant for Scentsy and she is donating all of her commission from the month of March to our Waiting for Dallas adoption fund.

*When checking out be sure to select Waiting for Dallas!

Chris and I owe both these ladies a HUGE thank you for giving their time, talents and resources to be a blessing to us and our future little family! 

Dallas is one LOVED baby! :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adoption Update

When Chris and I first set out to adopt our plan was to go through an agency and in my post that covered the FAQ about our adoption I had mentioned that we planned on going through a local agency called Chosen Child. We had been in contact with them for months and planned on beginning everything in January but in January we were informed (after waiting, preparing, and planning) that they were not accepting new prospective parents at that time and it could be a while until they would be. After dealing with that let down and frustration we began the search for a new agency. We found a few others that we were interested in and after contacting them we discovered that we are going to be on a waiting list (minimum 2-3 years) almost anywhere we go. 

Needless to say we were hit with that overwhelming question that usually come up at times like these, "WHY God? Why?" and "What are we supposed to do next?"  
We know that God would not have put such a strong calling on our hearts for adoption if that wasn't what we were supposed to do but we seemed to be at a standstill. We didn't know where to turn next. 

So we stepped back and handed it over to God!

> You may or may not have noticed the changes we made to our You Caring Fundraising page and the baby bottle on the side of the blog . . . 
* We had originally planned on ending our fundraising in December of this year but that date has been moved up a little to August.
*We also originally aimed to raise $30,000.00 which is the cost of adopting through most agencies but we have lowered the amount to $20,000 (we are hoping to lower this again when we get more details)

>You may have also seen our recent post on the Waiting for Dallas facebook page that we have begun the home study process, which is something you usually don't do until a little later on in the adoption process ...

Are you wondering why?!?!?

Well, we can not give many details now but we have been given the opportunity of an independent/private infant adoption later on this year!!

We would GREATLY appreciate your continued prayers as we have some big decisions to make and a few more hoops to jump through before everything is said and done!

New Total:
We've raised: $7,117.00
Only $12,883.00 to go!