Thursday, March 20, 2014

I love roller coasters!

I love the feeling of slight panic as the coaster click-click-clicks up the ramp and the butterflies in my stomach as I hold tighter and tighter to the handles/lap bar/anything I can get my hands on as we roll over the first drop. I don't even mind the feeling of almost blacking out as the coaster corkscrews down but I have to say I'm on a roller coaster that blows all of the panic, butterflies, blacking out from good ol' Six Flags out of the water!

It's called adoption and it's the craziest 
emotional roller coaster I've ever been on! 

After asking for prayer yesterday on our Waiting for Dallas facebook page a sweet facebook friend, who is an adoptive parent x7, posted this on my personal page ....

along with some pretty great advice:
"'s okay to be on that roller coaster, just remain seated and keep your eyes up!" 

Now that I'm on this roller coaster I won't be getting off 
"until the ride comes to a complete stop" 

~Please keep those prayers coming!~

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