Thursday, November 5, 2015

National Adoption Month

When it comes to our adoption journey we have literally been an open book from day one. This was something that we had never done before and there was no need to act like we had (or have) all the answers when it comes to adoption. We were (and STILL are) figuring out this whole process out as we go.We wanted to be as open and honest about it from the beginning because we feel that adoption is something that people need to know more about.

Here's a recap of the past few months and a little about what is coming up next in our adoption journey.
*If you missed the birth - 5 months blog click on the link.
6 months. 15 lbs 15 oz 25 1/2 ins
*Some highlights from his 6 month check-up

He started to sit up on his own and he also started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth but not crawling, yet! He ate cereal for the first time with a little fruit and LOVED it. You can't tell in the picture that he loved it because he is all business ...

He also had his 6 month pictures taken and no matter how hard we tried he would NOT smile until our photographers husband came over and started making silly faces and they turned out perfect!
*Photo Credit: Amy Horton Photography
7 months. About 17 lbs. (no checkup so I don't have his exact measurements)
He had his very first trip to the Texas State Fair and he could have totally cared less but he was sooo good so I had fun walking around with friends. 

He experienced his first Halloween. He did sleep through most of it but he was still SOOOO CUTE!!!!

We trick-or-treating with our friends ...

8 months. 17.5 lbs 26 1/2 in
He didn't have an 8 month check up but sadly he did get his first ear infection and a nasty tummy bug so we had to make a trip to the doctor. 
He started officially crawling EVERYWHERE so we lowered his crib and literally 2 days later he pulled up on his knees. Then the next day he pulled up to stand. The day after that, while he was at my mom's house, she sent me a video of him climbing up on a toy at her house. He is our little explorer.

On to other news ...
Dallas' birth father had 30 days to appeal the judges ruling to remove his parental rights and those 30 days officially ended on 
Monday, Nov 2nd!!!

This means that we now have the ALL CLEAR to begin the finalization process and make Dallas "officially" our son. YAY!!! Sadly this process is not as easy as it sounds! BOO!!!

We have to get some paperwork together to send in with a payment to cover court cost to finalize. Once that is in we have been told that it could take up to SIXTY days for them to set a court date. So it look like it will not be happening in 2015! :( 
~A few weeks ago my mom made the comment that the theme of our adoption journey is "waiting" and the name "Waiting for Dallas" proved to be so true but when I look at Dallas' sweet face I would have waited as long as it took to make him mine!~

Once the finalization date is set we will then have to do the following:
1. Take Dallas to the doctor to get a complete physical and paperwork filled out by his doctor.
2. Get ANOTHER set of finger prints done.
3. Get ANOTHER FBI background check done.
4. Have 1 last home visit

After all that we will go back to Louisiana to sign the paper, take a picture and come back home to Texas with all 3 of us sharing the same last name. 

Thank for you all for all the prayers and support. We are yet again one step closer to 
making Dallas a Lopez.

Monday, September 21, 2015

OUR Son part: 2

If you miss our first blog about our son click on the link to head on back to read it.

I had a lot of questions about this past week so I figured I would fill everybody in ...

I want to start out by saying a huge THANK YOU to our best friends, Bret and Heather for being so supportive and for being willing to go with the flow when we were thrown a curve ball!!! 

Okay so the four of us jumped in the car Monday evening after we all got off work and headed for Louisiana. We got there at about 2 a.m. and Chris and I tried to get some sleep even though we were VERY anxious.
The trial was scheduled to start at 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning and our lawyers told us we would not need to be at the court house until 10:30 or 11 but we did not want to risk being late so we got there at about 9:15.
When we arrived our lawyer was waiting outside the courtroom and let us know that the trial had not started. It was about 10:30 by the time things actually got started because we were waiting on other parties to arrive.

All the witnesses were not allowed to stay in the courtroom so we had to wait outside and pray. The birth father's lawyer presented their case and questioned his witness and then rested.

It was at that point when the judge realized that he made a mistake and he did not have a court appointed attorney for Dallas. We were told the contested adoptions rarely happen (we were their 2nd contested adoption in 3 years) so this is not something they are used to doing. 
Thankfully he was able to find an attorney in the court house that was able to step in so quickly. Our attorney then told us the trial would not be able to be completed that day and would resume at 12:30 on Friday. The court appointed attorney for Dallas met with Dallas' birth father and we were told she would most likely want to meet with us and Dallas' birth mom also.

Wednesday we never heard from Dallas' attorney so we took some time to explore New Orleans. 

Thursday there was still no word from Dallas' attorney. That evening we went to dinner with Dallas' birth mom and her boyfriend. We were able to catch up and honestly get to know each other a little better. Since Dallas decided to show up 3 weeks early we didn't have a chance to do that before.

~ side note ~
Going into the adoption process Chris and I were not open to the idea of an open adoption, it frankly made us very nervous. It's honestly hard to imagine how they even work until you're actually in the situation. Our relationship with his birth mom is very open; she sees pictures of Dallas and we talk to her a few times a month. Because of our little boy we are now family and I can't imagine having it any other way.

~ Okay, back to the trial  ~
Friday we got to the court house at about noon and waited for things to get started. Once again we couldn't be in the courtroom so we had to wait and pray. Thankfully Dallas' birth father's attorney rested on Tuesday so we didn't have to go back through that whole process and they were able to start where they left off.  Our attorney moved that the birth father's rights be involuntarily terminated and the other two attorneys pleaded their case (along with some of their opinions). After only hearing the birth father’s testimony along with what sounded like a VERY heated conversation between the lawyers the Judge decided to take away his rights. We were cleared to proceed with the adoption. When they came out and told us I always thought that I would break down in tears but I think I was in shock. The tears did not come until we actually made it home and I was able to hold Dallas in my arms!

*We do have a 30 day waiting period in which the birth father could appeal (highly unlikely) but after that his rights will be officially taken away and we can move forward with finalizing the adoption. We do have a few more hoops to jump through: 3-5 more home visits and then we go back to court to officially adopt him.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all those who have been praying for us! We have no doubt that God picked this little boy out just for us and he is worth everything it took and will take to make him ours! 

Prayer Request:
I spoke with the agency today and they have another contested adoption case this Friday and they have asked that all our prayer warriors be in prayer for all those involved! I know first hand what the fear of the unknown and the possibility of the unthinkable can do so PLEASE pray for God's will to be done in this upcoming case. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Growing Boy

It is still hard to believe that I am REALLY a mommy! Dallas is such an amazing baby. I honestly can't remember what life was like before him. Here is a little flashback over the past 5 months ...
March 4th, 2015
This is the very 1st picture we saw of Dallas before we went back to meet him. We got the text from a lady from the agency that was in the room when he was born. His tiny little 6lb 4oz 19 1/2in body was perfect. The cord was around his neck when he was born and he had a little bruising around his chin for about a week. 
This was the moment we saw Dallas for the first time. That day still feels like it was yesterday. I remember the flood of emotions and knowing the EVERYTHING that we had been hoping and praying for was right there in my arms.
*Photo Credit: Amy Horton Photography

This picture was taken on our first night home,March 20th (Dallas' original due date). It was an amazing feeling to be home. We were even able to surprise our friends and family because we didn't let anyone know we got the all clear to leave Louisiana.

Dallas was actually about 3 weeks old when Amy took his newborn pictures but my sweet love was still wearing preemie clothes and was OH SO ADORABLE!!!
*Photo Credit: Amy Horton Photography
1 month old. 7lbs 14oz. 21ins. 
He hated sleeping on his back so we would prop him up on his side in his crib at first but we quickly found out that the only way Chris and I were going to get any sleep was if we used his little seat. I kept it next to the bed and I would just lay there and listen to him breath and watch him sleep. At this point he was sleeping for 3-4 hours at a time at night.
2 months. 9lbs 7oz 22ins.
He had his 1st real tears on April 21st and on April 24th I was able to get a real smile out of him, it wasn't just gas. :) Both times I cried!! He also rolled from his tummy to his back that month. 
When he was 2 months and 1 week old we celebrated my 1st Mother's Day and it was perfect!
*Photo Credit: Amy Horton Photography
 I went back to work when he was 7 weeks old and the night before he slept 6 hrs straight. By the end of the 2nd month he was sleeping 8 hrs at night.
3 months. Over 10lbs. (no checkup so I don't have his exact measurements). He started giggling and it was so sweet. He also realized that he LOVED his little toys that were hanging from his little play mat. We stopped letting him sleep in his little seat and he did awesome in his crib. This was also the month that the drooling began.
Amy got some great 3 month pictures. 
*Photo Credit: Amy Horton Photography

At the end of the month we celebrated Chris' 1st Father's Day.
4 months. 13lbs 6oz. 24ins.
He started playing with his hair and rubbing his left eye when he gots sleepy, he still does this. He would also pull his hair when he would get mad (thankfully he doesn't do that anymore). He started scooting all around the floor and putting down a blanket for him to stay on became pointless. He rolled from his back to his tummy but I never saw it because he would do it at night in his crib (sneaky little dude). He began sleeping 10 hrs each night which was awesome but a little scary the first night he did it. I went in and checked on him a few times. He began to crawl/scoot across the floor with his face on the carpet and his butt in the air.

Here are the pictures from his 1 month, 2 month and 4 month check ups. It's crazy to see how much he has grown.
At the end of the month we took him on a vacation to the Galveston with my family. 
While we were at the beach Dally turned 5 months old...
Over 14lbs. (again, no checkup so I don't have his exact measurements). He sleeps on his side for an average of 10 hrs each night. He goes down at 8ish is up at 6am like clockwork. He can fit in 2 outfits that are size 3-6 months but mostly he still wears 0-3. We let him try his very first food (other than formula). He had a popsicle, and holy moly he LOVED it. It felt so good on his sore gums. No teeth yet, but he drools like Niagara Falls so it's got to be coming soon.  I actually saw him roll from his back to tummy across the living room floor today.

I guess that's all the updates for now. Stay tuned for Dallas' first airplane ride at the end of the month (this should be interesting).

Prayer Request/Update:
Chris and I will be traveling back to Louisiana for the trial on Sept 15th. I spoke with the lawyer this week and he said he goal is that we will not actually have to take the stand but it is one of those things that he will not know until that day. Please continue to keep the lawyer and the judge in your prayers. Also pray that EVERYTHING is resolved on Sept 15th!!! 

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Summer 2015 - our first summer with Dally has officially begun!
We plan on spending LOTS of time by the pool, enjoying the extra snuggles and spending special time as a family!
He is a growing, happy and healthy, perfect 3 month old!

This past Tuesday morning the judge, lawyers and Dallas' birth father had a conference. They met to reviewed a few things and set a date for a trial. 
After the conference one of the ladies from the agency called to fill us in on the details. She said we have the best possible judge and lawyer available so the prayers for the judge were answered! The trial date has been set for Sept 15th and they have asked that Chris and I be there as witnesses! The lawyer said that by us being there will put a face to a name and it will give us the chance to fight for OUR baby! They feel that there is a very good chance that his birth fathers rights will be taken away but they also said that over the next few months it will all come down to Dallas' birth father and if he decides to change his ways. 
The agency said, "No new is good news!" so our prayer now is that we don't really hear from them between now and then!

We are selling our shirts again and it's an AWESOME deal!
The over all cost of Dallas' adoption is increasing due to all these complications. :( 
Just click on the link below to place you order:

You know you wanna match this cutie pie!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

My VERY first mother's day that I was able to celebrate with Dallas in my arms!!
It was an amazing feeling that I will never be able to explain.

I got Dally and myself the perfect shirts to wear yesterday ...
**He has the best facial expressions :)

Mrs. Amy of Amy Horton Photography did family pictures after church for mother's day ...

*please ignore the fact that we don't match (we forgot about the picture) and my flipped up pants (I forgot I left them like that after walking in the rain).
ALL that matters is that Dallas is in the picture!!!!!

Chris got me a new charm to add to my collection ...
On the back I plan to have 2 very important dates engraved:
The day Dallas stole our hearts: 3/4/15
The day he stole our last name: *TBD
*This will be the day we go to court and we legally change his name to ours.

In all the excitement of the day I received MANY well wishes as I'm sure most/all moms do but there was one that made my heart smile ...
When I got out of church I turned my phone on and a text came through from Dallas' birth mom, "Happy Mother's Day! I am so happy that you get to celebrate it this year. Thank you for loving Dallas as much as I do!

All I have to say is GOD IS SO GOOD!!!
I could NEVER have planned this for my life!
"Every good and perfect give comes from over ..."
James 1:17

Update/Prayer Request:
All the original dates have changed so at this time we are waiting for judge and lawyers to agree upon a date for the conference in which they will present evidence to the judge. He/She will then decided if there is enough evidence for Dallas' birth father to fight for his paternal rights. We do not know when this will happen. PLEASE pray for guidance for the agencies lawyer as well as for the judge that will be assigned to the case.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Settling in

I wanted to start with an update and prayer request:
The possible birth father has been ordered to have a paternity test done by May 6th. If the results prove he is Dallas' birth father a hearing will be set for the beginning of June. At that time he will either sign over his rights or he will plead his case for wanting to parent. Also at this hearing, Dallas' birth mom and the agency will be there with evidence to testify against him. 
The agency has been very honest with us, they said that though it does not seen that the birth father has a leg to stand on in court it will all come down to the judge that is appointed to the case and whether or not they feel it is in the best interest of Dallas to remove his birth fathers parental rights.
So between now and the final hearing we are loving and snuggling and soaking up as much time with Dallas as we possibly can. 
I know God has it all under control and you would think that by now I would be pretty great a patience but this is definitely testing that. PLEASE join us in our prayer that God will allow us to raise Dallas and continue to be his forever family!


We have been home about a month now and wow, a lot has happened. Our sweet boy is growing and changing faster than I could have ever imagined! I took 7 weeks of maternity leave and I have 1 week left. It is going to be so hard to go back to work but I know he will be in good hands between my best friend and my mom. Plus I MiSs my kiddos at school! 
 Our first official night home was Friday, March 20th which was actually the day the his birth mom was going to be induced. 
At his 1 month check up he weighed in at 7lbs 14oz and 21 in.
He is a pretty good baby. He makes great eye contact and I just know that any day now I will be able to get a smile out of him that isn't caused by gas. ;) He's eating every 3 hours during the day. At night we believe in "never waking a sleeping baby" so he makes it about 4-5 hours between feedings. Chris and I are alternating nights so that neither of us get too tired.
We celebrated our 1st Easter as a family of 3.

A lot of people have been asking to see his nursery and I have been trying to get everything together since our little booger decided to show up 3 weeks early. I officially got everything done last night. It's small and cozy and perfect for our little cowboy so without further ado ....
* I accidentally cut it off in the picture but the sign above the window is one of the famous quotes from the book that we picked Dallas' name from, The Outsiders, and it says "Stay Gold". It was a gift from a friend of mine from high school 
*The rug was a gift from my room mom and it fits perfect!!!

*His name sign was a gift from a family friend!

*This magnet board is above the crib. 
*The banner was a gift from girl that went to high school with Chris.

*The bedding was a gift from a girl that I use to teach with. 

Thank you for all your prayer, love and support PLEASE keep the prayers coming!