Thursday, November 5, 2015

National Adoption Month

When it comes to our adoption journey we have literally been an open book from day one. This was something that we had never done before and there was no need to act like we had (or have) all the answers when it comes to adoption. We were (and STILL are) figuring out this whole process out as we go.We wanted to be as open and honest about it from the beginning because we feel that adoption is something that people need to know more about.

Here's a recap of the past few months and a little about what is coming up next in our adoption journey.
*If you missed the birth - 5 months blog click on the link.
6 months. 15 lbs 15 oz 25 1/2 ins
*Some highlights from his 6 month check-up

He started to sit up on his own and he also started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth but not crawling, yet! He ate cereal for the first time with a little fruit and LOVED it. You can't tell in the picture that he loved it because he is all business ...

He also had his 6 month pictures taken and no matter how hard we tried he would NOT smile until our photographers husband came over and started making silly faces and they turned out perfect!
*Photo Credit: Amy Horton Photography
7 months. About 17 lbs. (no checkup so I don't have his exact measurements)
He had his very first trip to the Texas State Fair and he could have totally cared less but he was sooo good so I had fun walking around with friends. 

He experienced his first Halloween. He did sleep through most of it but he was still SOOOO CUTE!!!!

We trick-or-treating with our friends ...

8 months. 17.5 lbs 26 1/2 in
He didn't have an 8 month check up but sadly he did get his first ear infection and a nasty tummy bug so we had to make a trip to the doctor. 
He started officially crawling EVERYWHERE so we lowered his crib and literally 2 days later he pulled up on his knees. Then the next day he pulled up to stand. The day after that, while he was at my mom's house, she sent me a video of him climbing up on a toy at her house. He is our little explorer.

On to other news ...
Dallas' birth father had 30 days to appeal the judges ruling to remove his parental rights and those 30 days officially ended on 
Monday, Nov 2nd!!!

This means that we now have the ALL CLEAR to begin the finalization process and make Dallas "officially" our son. YAY!!! Sadly this process is not as easy as it sounds! BOO!!!

We have to get some paperwork together to send in with a payment to cover court cost to finalize. Once that is in we have been told that it could take up to SIXTY days for them to set a court date. So it look like it will not be happening in 2015! :( 
~A few weeks ago my mom made the comment that the theme of our adoption journey is "waiting" and the name "Waiting for Dallas" proved to be so true but when I look at Dallas' sweet face I would have waited as long as it took to make him mine!~

Once the finalization date is set we will then have to do the following:
1. Take Dallas to the doctor to get a complete physical and paperwork filled out by his doctor.
2. Get ANOTHER set of finger prints done.
3. Get ANOTHER FBI background check done.
4. Have 1 last home visit

After all that we will go back to Louisiana to sign the paper, take a picture and come back home to Texas with all 3 of us sharing the same last name. 

Thank for you all for all the prayers and support. We are yet again one step closer to 
making Dallas a Lopez.

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