Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

My VERY first mother's day that I was able to celebrate with Dallas in my arms!!
It was an amazing feeling that I will never be able to explain.

I got Dally and myself the perfect shirts to wear yesterday ...
**He has the best facial expressions :)

Mrs. Amy of Amy Horton Photography did family pictures after church for mother's day ...

*please ignore the fact that we don't match (we forgot about the picture) and my flipped up pants (I forgot I left them like that after walking in the rain).
ALL that matters is that Dallas is in the picture!!!!!

Chris got me a new charm to add to my collection ...
On the back I plan to have 2 very important dates engraved:
The day Dallas stole our hearts: 3/4/15
The day he stole our last name: *TBD
*This will be the day we go to court and we legally change his name to ours.

In all the excitement of the day I received MANY well wishes as I'm sure most/all moms do but there was one that made my heart smile ...
When I got out of church I turned my phone on and a text came through from Dallas' birth mom, "Happy Mother's Day! I am so happy that you get to celebrate it this year. Thank you for loving Dallas as much as I do!

All I have to say is GOD IS SO GOOD!!!
I could NEVER have planned this for my life!
"Every good and perfect give comes from over ..."
James 1:17

Update/Prayer Request:
All the original dates have changed so at this time we are waiting for judge and lawyers to agree upon a date for the conference in which they will present evidence to the judge. He/She will then decided if there is enough evidence for Dallas' birth father to fight for his paternal rights. We do not know when this will happen. PLEASE pray for guidance for the agencies lawyer as well as for the judge that will be assigned to the case.

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