Thursday, June 11, 2015


Summer 2015 - our first summer with Dally has officially begun!
We plan on spending LOTS of time by the pool, enjoying the extra snuggles and spending special time as a family!
He is a growing, happy and healthy, perfect 3 month old!

This past Tuesday morning the judge, lawyers and Dallas' birth father had a conference. They met to reviewed a few things and set a date for a trial. 
After the conference one of the ladies from the agency called to fill us in on the details. She said we have the best possible judge and lawyer available so the prayers for the judge were answered! The trial date has been set for Sept 15th and they have asked that Chris and I be there as witnesses! The lawyer said that by us being there will put a face to a name and it will give us the chance to fight for OUR baby! They feel that there is a very good chance that his birth fathers rights will be taken away but they also said that over the next few months it will all come down to Dallas' birth father and if he decides to change his ways. 
The agency said, "No new is good news!" so our prayer now is that we don't really hear from them between now and then!

We are selling our shirts again and it's an AWESOME deal!
The over all cost of Dallas' adoption is increasing due to all these complications. :( 
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