Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Waiting for Dallas

For those of you that know Chris and I personally you know that we have had our first baby's name picked out for over 8 years now but for those of you that aren't aware we will be naming our baby (boy or girl):
That is how I came up with the name for our Adoption Fundraiser, Waiting for Dallas!
With that being said the adoption process is not an easy road and it requires a lot of resources so we are asking for your help!
Our adoption is going to cost about $30.000; here is how some of that is divided up:
Orientation fee
Home study fee
Agency application and program fee
Attorney fees
Document preparation and authentication
Other expenses

Please take the time to pray about what you can do to help.
You can make a donation on the link on the side of the blog or by clicking on our baby name at the top!
PLEASE spread the word!
Thank you in advance for the prayers, love and support!
Dallas’ Mom and Dad
Bethany and Christopher Lopez

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