Friday, April 2, 2010

. . . but GRACE!

During this week before Easter Sunday my church is having a service Wed night -Sat night!
Last night the sermon was awesome!
We learned about a man who walked out of the hospital 2 years ago. If you think about it we hear about people walking out of the hospital all the time and it doesn't seem that special until you know the reason he was in the hospital and what he has gone through.

You can't know how Good it is until you know how Bad it was!
So here is more of the story . . . the man that walked out of the hospital was Alcidas Moreno. This man is a window washer in New York. Alcidas and his brother washed the windows on the big Manhattan skyscraper buildings. On Dec 7th, 2007 while they were on the 47th floor (about 500ft up) the scaffolding collapse and they fell straight to the ground. Alcidas' brother died instantly. Alcidas on the other hand was taken to the hospital, he was given 24 units of donated blood and suffered MANY broken bones and collapsed organs!
On January 4th, 2008 he had movement in all his limbs and he was breathing on his own!
So now, when you hear a man walked out of the hospital 2 years ago you know how big of a deal it really is!
You can't know how Good it is until you know how Bad it was!

If you are a Christian you are Saved by Jesus and his blood on the cross, but if you look at us today what are we really saved from? We have our cars, our house, more food than we need, family, friends, nice clothes, we get our hair and nails done, etc. We are blessed beyond what we need! It is not that any of those things are a bad thing it is that . . .

You can't know how Good it is until you know how Bad it was!
We take advantage of our blessings everyday. We forget how bad it was. We forget that Jesus had to die so that we would not get what we deserve. When we were born it was in our nature to sin but what makes it worse is that God has given us rules that we can follow and yet we choose to disobey them!
Think about it. . .
If we sinned ONLY 3 times a day
Times 365 days in the year
Times 85 years in our life time
That is about 90,000 sins in your lifetime
Multiply that time everyone in the world and remember Jesus died for ALL those sins!
We deserve death!
In the beginning of Romans 6:23 it says, "For the wages of sin is death . . ."
This is the word of God and since it is his word He also has to follow it but lucky for us the verse continues . . .
". . . but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Jesus knew we didn't have a chance without Him! He knew that without His GRACE we would die and that would be it, it would be our only option but GRACE stepped in and gave us another option, ETERNAL LIFE!
You can't know how Good it is until you know how Bad it was!
Take time to remember what we have now and what we have been saved from!
Take time to thank God for His son, Jesus!

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  1. Bethany this is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing it!!