Friday, February 6, 2015


Thursday afternoon Chris and I got to Skype with Dallas' birth mom! It was amazing to be able to see her, talk with her and get to know her. Earlier that afternoon she went to a doctors appointment for a check up and she showed us the sonogram pictures of him. She also let us know that she has been saving all the picture from her sonograms for us to put in his baby book!

Here is his sweet, PERFECT profile ...
Right now baby and mom are doing great. 
The doctor said he has hair, everything is measuring perfect, he weighs about 5 lbs and they watched his little tummy go up and down as he practiced taking breaths (the doctor said he's an overachiever)!

Chris and I were very nervous yet SUPER excited to talk with her. We were praying that when we were done we would have a peace about it and honestly I do not think there are words to explain the OVERWHELMING peace that we have. 
I can see God's hands ALL over this! 

Here are some highlights from our conversation:
1. She said when she saw our book she knew we were the ones. We were real and the fact that we have tattoos, and he played in a band and I have my nose pierced was cool because that made us more relate-able to her. 
2. She wants us there when he is born. Chris (and Amy, camera in hand) will wait in the hallway/waiting room and I (most likely) will be able to be in the delivery room with her! I will get to see him take his first breath and hear his first cry! (I'm crying while typing this just thinking about it!!!!)
3. She will be going back to the doctor in 2 weeks and at that time they are going to set a date to have her induced so that we can go down the day before and be ready. We will Skype after that appointment to work out the other details. 
4. She LOVES the name we picked out for him and the story behind it. When we told her she started to cry and said, "Awe, he has a name!" Later on in the conversation she said, "The wait is almost over, Dallas will be in your arms in about 6 weeks!"
5. After he is all cleaned up he will be assigned his own room in the hospital and Chris and I will stay with him in that room until he is discharged. From there we will go to our hotel and wait for all the official paperwork to go through. 

Side note:
She has to wait 72 hours after he is born (not including his actual birthday) to sign over her rights so technically we will be taking him to the hotel with us before he is even officially ours. Once her right are signed over we will have to stay in Louisiana until all the paperwork goes through. We have been told and that can take up to 10-14 business days. Once all that does go through we get to come HOME!

6. We do plan on meeting with her at the agency the day we head back to Texas to let her hold him and tell him good bye one last time. 
7. We are going to send letters and pictures up to the agency every 3/4 months and if she wants an update she can go up there to get the letters. She was so happy to know that we NEVER plan on keeping it a secret that he was adopted and if and when the time does come that he wants to reach out to her we would not stand in the way of that!
8. She saw the pictures that I had taken of the nursery and the things we have already done around the house to get everything ready for him. She kept saying how happy she is that he is already loved by so many people and that it was just more of a confirmation that this was the best choice to make!
9. She asked about our adoption journey and as we were telling her about all the other times things just didn't work out and everything we had done to get to this point she kept reassuring us that he WAS going to be coming home with US! She said I know it's not going to be easy but it's what is going to happen!

Then she said something that I will remember for the rest of my life...
"I love him but I honestly feel like I'm your surrogate, he's not mine, he has always been yours!"

Like I said at the beginning it was AMAZING being able to get to know her and I am so anxious to meet my sweet baby boy!!!

Now that you are all up to date I will leave you with this ...
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Last but not least I will leave you with this super cute pic of Dallas giving us all a thumbs up


  1. Blessed be the name of The Lord. I am praising Him , and crying with you !

  2. I'm sure you've had lots of adoption training, but I was adopted, and I feel strongly about the wording. I was adopted. I am not adopted. It is something that happened in the past, and now I am just family. While I recognize I have birth parents, adopted is not my state of being.

    1. Thank you for bringing it to my attention while writing it I didn't realize I worded it that way. I changed it! :)

  3. Best of luck though, I hope everything goes smoothly. Sorry for the brashness.

  4. Beth, you have had one heck of a journey with trying to get Dallas! I have been following all of your links and reading ALL of your blogs. I am SO happy for you and Chris and I cannot wait for the day you get to bring your baby boy home! I look forward to seeing all the pictures and memories to come! Praying for you and Chris and baby Dallas every day! :)