Tuesday, February 24, 2015

24 days!

Yep, that's right! Only 24 days until Dallas' birth mom is induced and we will get to meet our sweet baby boy! It's still so hard to believe and I think I'm still in shock.
We've never been this close!! 
Dallas' room is pretty much all together just waiting on a few finishing touches and his bag is packed just waiting anxiously for the day!

(Reminder, I'm referring to Dallas' birth mom as D in order to respect her privacy)

This past week D and I were able to catch up after her doctors appointment. She and Dallas are doing great. Together with the doctor, D picked March 20th as her induction date. Chris and I will go to Louisiana on March 19th so that we can spend some time with her before the big day. I can not wait to give her the biggest hug and feel Dallas move in her tummy. It is impossible to truly express the love that I hold in my heart for D. The gift that she is preparing to give us will FOREVER be one of the best gifts ever given! 

I love that she refers to Dallas as MY first baby and when we talked last she reassured me by saying, 
"I know you guys are probably still nervous but I really don't want you to be. You have to understand that he is coming home with you! He is your baby!"

So what happens after Dallas is born?!?!
D said she wants to hold him and explain that she love him and it is because she loves him that we are his parents. After that she said, "He is yours!
She has to wait 72 hours after he is born (not including his actual birthday) to sign over her rights so technically we will be taking him to the hotel with us before he is even officially ours. Once her right are signed over we will have to stay in Louisiana until all the paperwork goes through. We have been told that can take up to 10-14 business days.
Once all that does go through we get to come HOME!

This coming Thursday we will be talking with her again after her weekly check up and we will get to see one LAST sonogram before we get to see him in person! 

We have a few more fundraisers going on between now and March 19th in order to help us meet our goal of at least $30,000 to cover all the costs of the adoption; we're about $2,600 away right now ...

1. THIS Saturday, Feb 28th will be our Pancake Breakfast 

2. "It's all about Dallas" T-shirt, hoodie, & onesie
All orders & payments are DUE by March 6th!!!

4. As always a donation can be made on our You Caring page!

More updated coming later in the week :)

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