Monday, January 26, 2015

t-shirts, pics, and updates

1. "It's all about Dallas" T-Shirts:
On Saturday, Jan 31st I will be placing my first order of t-shirts.
Go to: to order and pay today.
In order to get the best deal on the shirts we need to sell 100 and of right now we have sold 70 shirts!
**If you are not tech savvy please do not hesitate to email me and I will place your order for you!!!

2. Valentine Mini Sessions:
The fabulous Amy Horton has already booked 11 mini sessions and MIGHT(that's a big maybe) have 1 or 2 spots left.
Time is running out!

3. Updates:
Adoption: As of right now we are waiting to see if 1 of the next 2 birth moms that the agency has will pick us. If one of them does then Dallas will be here in March. If both decide to go with another couple we will just wait for the next birth mom to come along. 

We have been asked several time, 
1. "If y'all are at the top of the list at the agency why have ya'll not been picked yet?" 
2. "Why are birth moms not picking y'all?" 

Both are good questions, so here's the answers:

1. Yes, we are at the top of the list which pretty much means that our profile book will be shown to all the birth moms that fit the criteria of what we are looking for (Click here to see the specifics: question #3) as well as if we fit the criteria of what they are looking as parents for their baby.

2. The first and best answer is because God has a different birth mom and baby picked out for us. The second is that the first 2 birth moms that saw our book decided to pick another couple that lives in Louisiana so that they could get to know that couple better before giving their baby to them. The third birth mom decided to go with a couple that already has an adopted child so that her baby wouldn't be alone. 

It can get discouraging especially since we have NO control but we know that God is completely in control and when a birth mom does pick us it will be the PERFECT one for us! 

Totals: We have raised $20,201.00 which means we are $9,799.00 away from our goal!

It's all in God's hands!

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