Friday, January 2, 2015

More Adoption FAQ's

1.      What’s a profile book?

Our profile book (click on the link to learn more about a profile book) is pretty much a book all about us and our lives. We completed our book just before Christmas and I mailed it on New Year’s Eve. The now agency has 2 copies and we have 1 to keep.

Some of our friends and family got a sneak peak of the book and here is what Chris’ grandma had to say about! She is sooo sweet …

Here are pictures of our book ...

2.      What’s next now that the agency has our book?
Honestly this all depends on how many birth moms walk into the agency and how far along they are. The agency councils them and works with them as they decide whether or not to make this life changing decision. One of the ladies at the agency goes with her to her doctor appointments and gathers info about the birth mom’s (and birth dad , if he’s willing) medical history and all the details on the type of adoption they want as well as the type of family that they would like to adopt their baby. Once all that info is gathered the agency waits until about month or so before the baby is due. At this time the agency then contact 3 different adoptive families that they think would be a good fit for the birth mom and her baby. At that time they give us all a call with the info that they have available and we have the chance to decide if we would like the agency to show her our profile book. The birth mom then checks out the books and decides which book she would like to take home. After that meeting the agency calls us to let us know if we were chosen or not.

3.      Why would we ask the agency to not show a birth mom our book?
Many people have different options on this and as a couple we have made the decision that the ONLY reason we would ask for our book to not be shown to a birth mom would be is if she is an alcoholic/heavy drug user while pregnant. We do not care about the sex or race of the baby or if the birth mom has a personal or family history of a disease, illness or disability. We know that if I had a baby we would have not control of the sex or if the child is born with a disease, illness, or disability but we can control whether that child is exposed to drugs or alcohol so that is where we draw the line.

4.      What happens after she picks us?
We will possibly Skype with her along with one of the ladies at the agency and get to know her and her wants for the adoption. It is at this time that will determine how “open” our adoption will be. We do not plan on allowing the birth mom to come visit but we are willing to send letters and pictures once a month for the first year to the agency. Again, this is our personal decision that we as a couple feel is best for our family. Not everyone feels this way.

5.      What happens after the baby is born?\
The birth mom legally has 48 hours to sign over her rights so most likely we will not make the trip there until she has officially done so. At that time we will go straight to the hospital to meet our baby!!! After the baby is discharged from the hospital we will head to a nearby hotel until all the official paperwork is completed.

6.      Financially – What do we still need and why?
Here are the fees that we will need to cover …
* Attorney fees
* Document preparation and authentication
* Placement fee
* Agency fees

* Home study follow up visits after the baby is home
* Travels expenses - We will have to stay in Louisiana until all the legal paperwork is completed and then we can bring our baby home to Texas. We have been told this could take up to 10 days.

We currently have $17.471.50 which means we will need $12,528.50 in order to reach our goal.

7.      What are we doing to reach our goal and what if we don’t reach it before Dallas gets here?
Along with cutting back in different ways so that we can to put more money away we are also going to continue to do different fundraisers in order to get us closer to our goal. The next fundraiser will be starting in Jan. We are going to be selling Waiting for Dallas T-Shirts. They were designed but Chris’ Uncle Scott and one of our good friends Dan Mackey. We are pretty excited about them. More info is coming soon!!!

We also still accepting donations on our You Caring page.

If we do not reach our goal of $30,000 by the time Dallas does come there are different options available for us to get a very low interest loan that will covers the difference until get home we get home and can get it paid off. This is our very last resort.

I think that covers most of the questions for now. 
If you think of anything else please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for all the love and support.
Happy New Year!!

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