Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life as I Know it . . .

. . . is NoThInG like I would have imagined when I was in High School!

We all have been there, sitting in your Senior class and you have to write about where you think you will be in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and so on. Well, like I said before things are not how I planned. My plan for my life was to skip college, get married right out of High School, and be a mom as soon as possible after that! That is all I wanted for my life, to be the best wife and mom that I could be!

Well, here is what's wrong with the above plan. . . Everything I have been saying was MY plan for my life, I didn't stop to consider GOD's plan!

Life After High School . . .

Graduated from high school in May 2005

College from 2005-2007

Chris became a part of OUTSIDEtheCAMP - 2007

Married in May 2007

Started teaching in Aug 2007

Up to this point I has completely fine with how life had changed from my original plan. I just knew that soon enough I would be able to have things just the way I planned!
Once again I was leaving out a very important key to this plan . . . I was completely aware that Chris felt God had called him to be a part of OUTSIDEtheCAMP and that this would be his ministry. I was also aware that it was going to take some sacrificing but since I didn't stop and think realistically I was not aware of just how much of a sacrifice it would actually be.

We lived on our own until April of 09 when Chris' company that he worked for closed. It was very hard to think that we had to go back home! That was not part of my plan!

Our original goal was to be out of their house my July of 09. We figured that would give Chris enough time to get a good job and we could be on our own again!

God had OTHER plans!

The job search for Chris was not an easy one because we were looking for a job that would work around OUTSIDEtheCAMP's schedule. God had begun to open a LOT of doors for the band and it soon became apparent to us and those around us that this ministry was far from coming to an end. After finding a job that would work around the shows, practices, traveling and recording we found that the income was not enough to live on our own. I am blessed to have parents who understand the ministry of OUTSIDETHE CAMP and how much of a sacrifice it has been for us and they have let us continue to live with them.

There are times that I become very upset that this is NOT what I wanted or planned for my life. How am I suppose to be a stay at home mom with no home and how I suppose to raise children if we can't afford groceries for ourselves half the time?
The funny thing is when I begin to through a pity party for myself and tell Chris I am tired of not having things go my way, God steps in and show me a little of His plan for my life right now. I realized, how could God trust me with anything greater since I have not stopped to be thankful and become the best I can be at what I have already been given.

So the moral of this LONG story is . . . GOD has a plan for my life that I can not even begin to understand right now! It is better and so far more interesting than I could have ever imagined for myself! And when I get frustrated that I am not living life how I planned, I stop and think . . .

God left Heaven, he left Paradise to be beaten and killed to be our Saviour.
I left a 2 bedroom apartment, and lost a little income to be apart of a ministry that can reach those I would have never met otherwise!
Needless to say it does not begin to compare!

So really, Why am I complaining?
Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."


  1. Love, Love, Love, This. Best post yet!!!

  2. This is awesome, Bethany! What an encouragement and what a great wife you are!