Thursday, November 11, 2010


Here is a Message from OUTSIDEtheCAMP
Hello! We are Outside the Camp, a christian alternative rock band from Dallas, Texas and we need your help!
Okay, so we have the opportunity to go back to Nashville, Tennessee to record three new songs so they can be sent to some labels in hope of us getting on a label, but that can't happen without your help!
We are going to go in December so lets try and make this happen!
You can donate by going to our kickstarted site:
If you don't know, with kickstarter if you dont get to the goal it all goes back! It's all or nothing, so even if you can't donate a lot, every little bit it would help out so much.
You can check us out on myspace, facebook, twitter, and itunes!
Lets try and get this going!
Please watch our video(link below for the full video), although the video names a few things we need money for, this project is strictly for recording in nashville.
Thank You!

See the full kickstarter video on youtube here:

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