Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Port Aransas

This past weekend we had a chance to get away and go to Port Aransas with the In-Laws . . . and believe it or not I had a great time ;)
No really, I am blessed with some great in-laws on both sides :]

Chris, Me, Michelle, Cierra, Tony and Sarah

We left EARLY friday morning and headed to Port Aransas. On the way there we made some stops. We stopped at Katz's Deli on 6th Street in Austin then we drove to San Marcos to do a little shopping and then we set out for Port A.

Chris and I at Katz's Deli

We finally made it!

As soon as we got there we put all our stuff in the beach house and we got to the beach as fast as we could :]
We had an awesome 2 days relaxing and playing at the beach. We even took the time to act like a couple kids and build a sand castle :)

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