Monday, May 19, 2014

7 Years

7 year ago today Chris and I said, "I Do!"
It was and still is one of the best decisions of my life!
This past weekend we booked a hotel and planned a weekend a relaxing of celebrating my graduation and our anniversary. We kicked off the weekend with a graduation party with some of our friends . . .
We were definitely missing a few people but thank you so much to those 
that came out and celebrated with us! :)

When we got to hotel that night they upgraded our room to a suite and 
when we walked in this is what we found ....
Saturday morning we got to sleep in and when we woke up we realized we really didn't have ANYTHING planned other than a concert that night ... It was an amazing feeling! :)
We went shopping, to the movies and just enjoyed each others company.

That evening we met up with Uncle Scott and went to Richardson for the annual Wildflower Festival. 
We saw Joan Jett from REALLY far away then we headed over to watch 
Here is a clip of them singing one of their hits: Three Marlenas

We were able to sleep in AGAIN Sunday morning! It was sooo nice not having to set an alarm for anything. 
Sunday afternoon, after another movie we went and had our yearly couples massage and then we headed home to get everything ready for another week of work and to love on our Georgie!

Here is a glimpse of the last 7 years . . .
7 Years
100's of Fights & Make-ups
3 Dogs, 4 Homes, 6 Cars
70 - The number of anniversaries I still want
to spend with You!

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