Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

It was perfect! 
We both started our anniversary celebrations off on Wednesday. Chris spend most of the afternoon getting a new tattoo to (almost) finish his sleeve. 
Romantic ain't it ;)
While he was there I was at the nail salon where I got my nails done and enjoyed a relaxing pedicure! :)
We both had to work on Thursday so we just hung out with the family for the evening.
Chris had to work on Friday morning so I made an appointment for an hour massage = BeSt IdEA yEt!
After the massage I headed home to pack for our weekend get-a-way and when Chris got home from work we hit the road. 

*Side Note: For Christmas my parents got us a weekend get-a-way & dinner with George(our dog) care included so we saved it for now.*
My dad booked us for a 2 night stay at the.
When we got there we told them we were there celebrating our anniversary so they upgraded us to a suite! 
After checking everything out and getting settled we got ready to go out to a nice dinner.
Saturday was awesome, we finally got to sleep in which neither one of us have done in a long time then we went over to the Galleria Mall to do a little window shopping. That night we went to
 and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in 3D.
You gotta love the look on his face :)

**When we were on our Honeymoon Pirates of the Caribbean 2 came out and we found this cute little theater in Colorado and saw it so we figured since they the timing worked out for this new one we had to see it this weekend. :) ** 

Sunday morning we got to sleep in AGAIN! Then we finished up our weekend at Original Pancake House for a big brunch.

We both would love to thank everyone for all the sweet anniversary wishes!  
We have already started planning our 5th Anniversary trip . . . . a cruise! :)

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  1. this is so wonderful! I'm glad y'all had an amazing time. Also you are absolutely gorgeous. Miss you!