Friday, December 11, 2009

Holy Moly I'm 23!

Yesterday was my 23rd Birthday and I have to say it was one of the best, by far!

1. Girls at school got me Chili's for lunch! Mmmm. Bacon Burger!!

2.My wonderful mom delivered an Edible Arrangements. This is not the exact one because when I went down to take a picture of the arrangement is was almost gone :)

3. Chris came up to the school and surprise me with roses & Starbucks!

4. My Team at school also gave me some gift cards and Cheese Cake!!

5. With one of the gift cards Chris and I went to dinner and I had some yummy Shrimp!

6. I went and got a pedicure

7.Finally we went to the movie with some friends! At first I was not so excited about the movie but Chris kept saying it was funny and believe it or not it actually was :)

I have a wonderful day! Saturday my mom is make me Chicken and Dumplings (my favorite) and we are have a par-tay! I am excited!

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  1. aww gayle, im soo glad you had such a great birthday, you deserved it! i love you!