Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Groove!

Last week I finally convinced everyone that is was time to get a tree and
start decorating the house!

The guys went and picked out a tree and set it up. They got all the boxes out of the attic then Chris left for work and Dad and Nate put up the lights outside and then they all left to do some shopping.

(Nate took this picture of the lights on the side of the
house and was VERY proud of it so I told him I would use it.)

Well, I was home alone and all the boxes where driving me crazy so
I started putting everything up!

I even got all the lights on the tree before they got home! I did not decorate the tree since we do that as a family every year but everything else was done when they got home. I mean everything, decorations, presents under the tree, dishes clean, vacuuming done, everything! I was proud of myself! :)

I hope everyone is in the Christmas Groove too!
Merry Christmas


  1. dang bethany, so proud of you! I LOVE getting everything done and surprising people too!!!

  2. Holy Cow, that's awesome! Good Job!