Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is our all favorite time of the year.
We are those crazy people who have the Christmas lights up outside before Thanksgiving! Yes, we celebrate Thanksgiving but why not have a pretty yard to look at to put you in a thankful mood. :)
Our front porch & penguins playing keep-a-way with the snowman's head :)

My birthday is NeXt WeEk and last Sunday when I got home I found this super cute snowman in my yard with a sweet note on the back.
(THANK YOU Papa & Grandma!!!!!)

 Even though we had our outside decorations up early we did wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate the inside. *I just now realize that we haven't hung out stockings yet*

 Our Annual tradition is to go with our friends and cut down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year we went to Ivanhoe Tree Farm. The trees were all beautiful, it was so hard to pick the perfect one!
 Chris, Korbin, Bret, and Kylee
 Brody, Me, Heather, Blade, and Baxlyn

We found our perfect tree!!!!!

After we got our tree home Chris had some little elves help him decorate the tree.

All finished!

We hope you all have the best Christmas ever with your friends and family and take the time to remember what Christmas is really about. Yes, the lights, tree, gifts, goodies, and being with family and friends is all wonderful and all that helps to put us in the "Christmas Spirit" but what if you didn't have any of that? 
Would you still be joyful? 
Would you still have that "Christmas Spirit"?

PLEASE take the time to watch this video and remember that Jesus is the reason for the hope and joy we have during this season and all year!

Merry Christmas!

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