Monday, December 17, 2012

20 WhAt?!?!?

I turned 26 last week and as I have gotten older my birthday has slowly turned into not just a one day thing, but a week long celebration. Nothing big or crazy, it's not like I'm expecting Chris to have a gift for me each day of the week or anything, I just like getting together with my friends and family and since most of the time they can't all get together on the same day it just turns into a Birthday Week. :)

Last week was a pretty great week!
Before the week started I treated myself to a mani and pedi.
My actual birthday fell on a Monday and it started off with a birthday sticker from the principle, which I wore proudly all day and got lots of hugs and birthday wished from all the kiddos. My awesome team at work got me a Starbucks gift card and we had a little party at work during lunch!

Monday evening my parents, grandpa, sister, nephew, and Chris' grandparents came over. 
My mom brought my all time favorite meal, ChIcKeN and DuMpLiNs which she makes for me each year on my birthday and Chris' grandma made me a Neapolitan birthday cake, Yumm!

My nephew Levi wore this shirt just for me! I love his tough guy face in this picture! 
I couldn't get him to smile.

Tuesday evening Chris and I went out to dinner with some friends of ours, Chris and Heather! We had my other favorite, Mexican, and for dessert they treated us to Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Cake Ice Cream!!

Wednesday and Thursday were normal days but I ended the week strong . . .

Friday night we had a Pizza/Game night at our house with Anna and Mason (sis & brother-in-law) and Heather and Bret (our best friends). We played Family Feud (girls against guys) for hours and I'm pretty sure we were all laughing most of the time!

It was a pretty awesome week and
I am thankful to everyone who made it special for me!

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