Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Surprise

Chris and I are saving up for something very specials so we are even more short on funds than usual and because of that I really wasn't expecting us to do anything for Valentines Day.
Well, he surprised me . . .
Chris was off yesterday and he showed up at my work with lunch and some beautiful flowers! Then that evening when I got home from school I found another little surprise! :)

I was already planning on doing something little for him also. I found the gift idea on Pinterest, my new favorite website for ideas. It's called "52 Things I Love about You". It was something that would be cheap and pretty simple but it would require a lot of thought! :)

  I also added another little treat! :)
*It says, "Save this for April 13th, 2012" . . . . For those that don't know, Chris LOVES Tattoos and he only goes to Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas. Every Friday the 13th they have a this awesome deal if you get a 13 tattoo it's only $13.00 + $7.00 tip! We have always wanted to go so I gave him the money for his now.

On top of all that, Chris agreed to take me to see The Vow tonight!
I am so excited, I have already been warned that I WILL cry! :)
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day! 

We Love Ya!

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